Furniture with personality

Published on 8 May 2022 at 23:11

Who's to say we can't express our inner personality in our furniture?


Like we do with clothing or hair colour for example? 


Why does furniture tend to be generally just kept within the lines of the norm? I suppose its to make sales, as hey understandably not every one wants a giant Leopard across their drinks cabinet. The world would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things wouldn't it? 


But just because only a tiny percentage of people would want something a little out there doesn't mean it shouldn't be catered for.


I suppose I can thank the regular furniture store for not going too far from the comfort zone so that I can be the one to help your vision come alive.


It's where I can help you to create the perfect statement piece for your home or we could even turn each and every piece you own into one off pieces of art work.



I absolutely love creating furniture with character and I hope to inspire other people to be a little bit more daring when it comes to their homes and let their imagination run free a little. 


Share with me your ideas I would absolutely love to hear them ❤️




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