Mental health and painting

Published on 25 May 2022 at 22:02


Mental health is close to my heart with a family history of mental health disorders and with suffering from certain mental health issues myself tackling it is something that I've experienced first hand. Something I've failed at time and time again.

I personally tried the bottling it up method and let's be fair it isn't a method that works for many. If anything it actually works in the opposite way and usually makes your problems MUCH worse.

I absolutely never thought that doing something like painting/crafting could completely change your mindset! ❤️

Well atleast not untill I tried it for myself. As said in the image it absolutely does give you something to focus on that takes your mind off of the stuff that's piling up into an ever growing mountain on your shoulders and gradually after time ticks along you realise that you've been spending more time on something that you enjoy and less time worrying about all the things that have become a burden on your lonely shoulders.

I'm in no way saying that this fixes every issue as my god does it hell 😂 what I'm saying is that it helps it eats into some of that lonely time that you usually spend focusing on your mind and its running thoughts. It gives you some thing thats yours and for YOU only and its then a massive bloody bonus if it turns into something that then provides others with happiness which I'm fortunate enough to have experienced myself as each time I send a piece of furniture to a happy customer it makes me feel good inside that I've been able to give them something that makes them happy and makes their homes feel more them and more homely 🥰 but even that doesn't come without its barriers.

... Every time I let go of a piece, I worry that I've not done good enough or that they won't be happy with it and I get that imposter feeling and that feeling is still strong nearly 18 months in even though I know that I have poured my all into each piece I still sit and find things to pick at that I should have done better.

If this sounds like you I honestly without a doubt reccomend finding something creative that you enjoy and just let it be and see where it takes you.

I promise you won't regret it!

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